Five Benefit Fundraising Twists for Charity Events

Five Benefit Fundraising Twists For Charity Events

Benefit fundraising organizations that add new twists to their charity events or galas each year will keep sponsors and guests returning happily year after year. Need new ideas for the live auction that will raise money?   Here are some TWISTS to try for your upcoming events.

1.  Craft Beers 


Including craft beers stations will add a twist to any event or gala.  A hometown brewery will usually donate the beer and their time to have a targeted audience trying their IPA speciality beers.  

2.  Flash Mob


Yes, you have seen videos of a Flash Mob breaking out just about anywhere, then why not at your next charity event? The flash mob can begin out in meet and greet rooms and then moves the guest into the banquet room!  This works great for galas that have trouble getting their program started on time.   Make sure to video tape the performance and use it for years to come to advertise your event. Contact your local schools to perform.

3.  Golf Tournament:  Sponsorship Hole in One


At your next golf tournament fundraiser, excite your sponsors and guests with a new twist. Each sponsorship is assigned a tee off hole!    When the players arrive at the tee, businesses will be  welcoming the foursome and hand out gifts to the players personally.  What a great way to increase sponsorship and make your golfers happy.

4.  Golden Raffle Ticket Live Auction Item


Start raising money months before the event by selling GOLDEN RAFFLE TICKETS.  The raffle ticket allows the winner to pick a live auction item of their choice before the live auction begins.  (It can be just certain items) Most packages that are trip oriented can be sold at the event twice if consignment auction items are used.    Imagine your event making a profit before the night begins plus making one lucky raffle winner very happy!

5.  Celebrity Life Auction “Selfie”

Impact AUctions Selfie

At your next live auction charity event with a “FAMOUS” celebrity, promote a live auction “selfie”. The first item up to bid is a “selfie” with the celebrity taken immediately up on the stage.  This adds excitement in the crowd, makes money for the organization,  and creates FREE advertising for the event year after year.  #Tagging your event and the “selfie celebrity”  on all the social medias is a great way to support your own organization!


Impact Auctions is an auctioneer team that supports non-profit organizations that have events and galas with live and silent auctions.  Need clever and up-to-date ideas that can create great profit momentum year after year or a auctioneer that understands your organization?  Contact Impact Auctions and get a free consultation for your next event.

Debbie and Ron Hitzel of Impact Auctions wants to help your next event.


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Impact Auctions philosophy is simple, "Be Committed To The Cause".  Impact Auctions is committed to listen to each organization's needs, build on the strengths of each organization, and form a fundraising partnership to meet the fundraising goals year after year.  



*2015 was our first year working with a truly professional full
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to go with Impact Auctions! Not only did we raise MORE money but the live auction was
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