Good Centerpiece for Your Auction Fundraiser.


Don't waste your budget on making the tables beautiful.

Why spend your budget on table centerpieces?  Centerpieces should be inexpensive, but colorful.  


Keep them small and managable. 

Want to make money on the live auction?  Bidders and the auctioneer get frustrated when they can’t see each other.  Huge centerpieces can be a distraction. 

Ask for donations 

Guests love taking centerpieces home! If you think there’s going to be a swarm of people fighting for their table's centerpiece, make it part of the fundraising.  Ask for donations and make it a win-win for the guest and the organization.  Afterall, the organization won't be the one stuck with the centerpieces in their car hauling them home after the event.  

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Impact Auctions philosophy is simple, "Be Committed To The Cause".  Impact Auctions is committed to listen to each organization's needs, build on the strengths of each organization, and form a fundraising partnership to meet the fundraising goals year after year.  



*2015 was our first year working with a truly professional full
service auctioneer.  We did  a full search and were so pleased with our decision
to go with Impact Auctions! Not only did we raise MORE money but the live auction was
more entertaining than in past years!  Thank you!    


Jane C from St. Gabriel School


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