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Fundraising really can be FUN.  

Fashion Breathes Life in Charlotte

Cystis Fibrosis-- Until it is done!

The 7th year ‘Fashion Breathes Life’ event was a huge fundraising success for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Charlotte Chapter. Friday, April 1, 2022 event included local influencers walking the runway, beautiful clothing and emotional testimonials by those touched by cystic fibrosis, a disorder that typically affects the lungs, but also the pancreas, kidneys, liver and intestine.


The concept of ‘Fashion Breathes Life’ was to do just that, breathe life into efforts to find a cure for a disease that hits very close to home for Ben and Jill Pleune, whose son Oliver has CF. Jill and her sister Courtney Sloan, are owners of Sloan Boutique in Charlotte, and they know fashion. So using their expertise and that of their committee members, they created a fundraising event just seven years ago for CF Foundation.

This event has come a long way as we almost hit a goal of a half-million dollars. Using the runway to show trendy styles and our CF models that raised money for this cause, was a fabulous night of fun.


Impact Auctions, with Ron Hitzel as the auctioneer for the past seven years, knows when they are part of something great. And this is a GREAT EVENT for Cystic Fibrosis in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cystic Fibrosis WINS. Contact Impact Auctions today.

13 Fundraising Success Tips with Live Auctions

Make an Impact with these tips!

1.  Avoid Planning a Party and Forgetting Fundraising
Focus on the fundraising piece first and don’t waste time or money on ideas that won’t benefit the bottom line.  For example, chair covers, centerpieces, and theme decorations.

Success Tip #1:  “Focus on Fundraising”


 2.  Avoid Letting Money Walk Out Of the Room                                                                   

 When you hear “Auctioneer,” most people think of live auctions. Fundraising Auctioneers can raise more money in a live auction than a local celebrity or amateur.   Studies show Benefit Auctioneer Specialists raise twice as much as traditional Auctioneers and that’s because . . . Benefit Auctioneer Specialists keep up with the most recent research and fundraising trends.  Don’t let money just “walk out” of the room because you don’t want to hire a professional.

Success Tip #2  Hire a “Professional Fundraising Auctioneer“


 3.  Avoid Live Auction Placement at End of Evening

Don’t have your “MAIN EVENT” at the end of the evening.  Remember, Fundraising Events are just that, “FUND Raising.”  Don’t expect to have your guests open their wallets at the end of the evening when they are tired and distracted.  Schedule your live auction and Fund-a-Need Appeal before or during dinner when your guests are ready and energized.  Awards and Presentations should come last in your program, not before the LIVE AUCTION.

Success Tip #3: Live Auction Should be Scheduled “Early in Evening”


 4.  Avoid Party First/  Misson Second

Your mission statement should drive the event’s evening and all guests should be aware of why they are attending this fundraising event.   Plan a night with incredible speakers or videos to emphasize your unique mission tugging on their hearts.

Success Tip #4:  “Connect” your Donors with the “Mission” of the Event


5.  Avoid Not Using a Fund Appeal

Create an opportunity for everyone to contribute to your great cause at a level that is meaningful via a Fund-a-Need special appeal. It works, because not everyone wants or needs a live or silent auction item. A well conducted, inspiring Fund-a-Need can double your live auction profits in only ten minutes.

Success Tip #5: You won’t get unless you “Ask”.  


6.   Avoid Offering Too many Auction Items that No One Wants
Reduce the number of auction items and focus on fewer unique items that produce bigger results. Make sure your organization procures hot auction items that keep driving excitement and interest – items that fulfill fantasies and dream vacations and experiences the are unique to your supporters.

Success Tip #6:  “Quality” of Items not “Quantity”


 7.  Avoid Obtrusive Decorations and “Stuff”
Your benefit auction fundraiser is about raising money. Therefore, focus on fundraising, not your centerpieces, variety of wines, entertainment nor the color of tablecloths, all which raise zero dollars. Design it to emphasize your unique mission and how your donors can make a difference. Proudly promote your cause and emphasize that the reason people attend is to raise funds to improve lives and your community.

Success Tip #7:  Don’t waste Time or Energy on “Stuff” that does not  Benefit  Fundraising Goals


 8.  Avoid Boring Your Audience

The best fundraising events capture the hearts of your guests and showcase your cause with short inspiring speakers and videos.  Don’t jam-pack the night with so many activities or allow too many speeches that your Audience becomes bored and begin leaving or visiting the bar.

Success Tip #8:   Use Inspiring  – “Short Speeches” or Video


 9.  Avoid Failing to Invite the Right Guests

Philanthropic support is crucial to have a successful fundraising event. Position your charity auction as a cultivation and relationship building opportunity so that you can turn bidders into long term donors and sponsors. Create an audience development team whose sole purpose is to identify, invite, and cultivate guests who have the means and influence to generously support you before, during, and after your benefit auction.

Success Tip #9:  Remember the first rule of fundraising: “People give to people – not causes.” 


 10.  Avoid Dim Lighting

Dim dinner style lighting will lose thousands of dollars and put your beloved supporters to sleep. Illuminate your silent auction brightly. Turn up house lights fully during the live auction and Fund-a-Need Appeal. Direct the lights on the stars of your event: your guests. Never shine spotlights at your auctioneer, as that makes it impossible for him/her to see bidders.

Success Tip #10:  “Light Up” the Room during Live Auction


 11.  Avoid Noisy Venues and Bad Sound Systems

Nothing spells fundraising auction disaster more than an audience that does not pay attention and where no one can hear the auctioneer, success stories, and inspiring speakers.  Benefit auctions require a quality sound system different from any other event. Never use the built-in house sound because the tones are usually grainy and unclear. A professional sound system will pay for itself many times over and improve your guest’s experience so you can maximize your fundraising.

Success Tip #11:  “Quality” Sound System


 12. Avoid Failing to Have Fun and Not having Goals to Achieve

Have aspiring goals to achieve for each fundraising piece of the line-up, but don’t forget to make it fun for all who is attending.  The National Auctioneers Association has done studies that people give when having fun.  The night should consist of many ways for sponsorships and donors to connect to the cause and give with their hearts:   Live Auction, Fund Appeal, Silent Auction, Raffles, Wine Walls, Heads-or Tails, Golden Raffle Ticket, and consignment trips. 

Success Tip #12:  “Have Fun" and find extra revenue ways to raise more.


13. Avoid venues that do not have quality Wifi

Having quality wifi at your venue is a must when it comes to mobil bidding. If you venue does not have a good signal, a high speed router will be a tool to find and and incorporate into the MUST HAVES. Make sure to ask for references that you can contact because sometimes venues do not always know what quality wifi means. 

Success Tip #13: Quality Wifi is a MUST


Debbie and Ron Hitzel, Impact Auctions, are a husband and wife team that have been in the fundraising business for over 15 years raising money for charitable causes close to their hearts.   Ron is a former US Navy Nuclear Submariner and has upgraded electrical power plants around the world. Ron speaks several languages after working in over 56 countries and thus brings his world travels to the stage as the auctioneer.  

Impact Auctions is located in North Carolina and Florida and is a Licensed Charity Auctioneer. We have helped thousands of organization’s set record-breaking profits in one night with less work for the volunteers and committee members.  


Contact us today to help your next event RAISE MORE.

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