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Husband and Wife Team for Impact Auctions

Impact Auctions, Debbie & Ron Hitzel, is a charity fundraising auctioneer team that specializes in Live Auctions and Fund Appeals.  Impact Auctions is an experienced "TEAM" of talent that works with fundraising organization committees to strategize solutions that will maximize net profits for the Live and Silent Auction.  


Impact Auctions, Debbie Hitzel, Event Coordinator, and Ron Hitzel, Licensed Charity Auctioneer, have traveled all over the United States as a husband and wife team helping thousands of organization’s set record-breaking profits in one night with less work for the volunteers and committee members. 


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Ron Hitzel Auctioneer

Ron has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities as a mentor fundraiser and as an auctioneer for over a decade. Ron has always had a love for helping others, but when his nephew was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2003, he wanted to help find a cure. He started as a team captain for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He mentored over hundreds of volunteers to train to run a marathon while raising thousands of dollars to fund research and support for all blood-related cancers. He assisted each volunteer athlete to fund-raise in many unique innovative processes that included silent and live auctions that he coordinated and was very successful.



In 2008 Ron became an assistant auctioneer which lead him into becoming an apprentice and then licensed auctioneer in 2010. He fell in love with helping organizations triple their revenue when he was on stage. Anyone can learn the legalities and the chant of being an auctioneer, but you can't teach personality or passion. Ron's gift up on stage is his interaction with the audience before and during the event that attracts bigger bids.



Ron's background is very diverse. He was born in Buffalo, New York, and then moved to New Jersey. He entered the US Navy Nuclear Submarine program right out of high school and completed seven years of service to America. Ron's greatest stories are about his accomplishments of surviving three months at a time without seeing the sun while he was 400 feet below the north Atlantic on patrol. 



After the Navy, he successfully finished his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and then followed up with a Masters Degree in Global Technology Management that found him upgrading electrical power plants around the world. He has traveled to over fifty different countries, speaks many different languages and will bring his cultural diversity that will definitely impact your event.


 Debbie Event Planner

Debbie will  serve as an organization’s strategic partner, helping groups leverage their benefit auction to meet their fundraising needs today and into the future. Debbie Hitzel stands apart as a creative professional who brings both a long-range perspective and out-of-the-box thinking to maximize her clients’ fundraising efforts and break revenue records. Having a turnkey solution at the next charity event will allow fundraisers to free up their valuable time from reinventing the "live auction" wheel by letting the experts provide these award winning services. 



Having a giving heart is just one of the characteristics that describe Debbie’s personality, as well as being a cheerleader to help those in need.  When a part-time job in the fundraising business came her way in the early 2000's,  she was introduced to a passion that filled her soul. That part time opportunity to help others with charity live auctions was a dream come true that sparked Impact Auctions. 

Debbie  holds a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of Northern Iowa.  Before she found her love in fundraising, she taught fourth and fifth graders for almost 30 years. In her early days of teaching, she also coached high school girl's basketball and volleyball preparing her for her event planning duties with Impact Auctions. Her teaching career continues as she will mentor fundraising coordinators  and help clients reach their goals and dreams. 

Debbie feels that her core values have come from growing up in the Midwest living on an Iowa family farm that has helped contribute to her success in her career as well as personal life. Values like working hard, problem-solving, and never giving up were instilled in each of the seven children that her parents raised. Debbie's role models, her parents, celebrated their 71st anniversary in 2013. Debbie understands what it takes to be committed to a cause and brings those Midwestern values to each fundraiser with excitement and pride.

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